Best Cleared Engineering Companies

Engineers can work in different fields and focus their skills on different skills that many companies around the world need to develop their goods and services. When looking for engineering jobs, it can be important to find companies that you know will support your work and give you the opportunity to use your engineering skills in interesting and innovative ways.

In this article, we list some of the best engineering companies to work for—ranked a 4 and above on a 1-5 scale according to our actual company reviews—to help you find your career. Help in making the right choice.

Best Cleared Engineering Companies
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Why is it important to know the best engineering companies to work for?

Knowing about the best engineering companies to work for is important as it can be very influential for aspiring engineers while searching for interesting and rewarding jobs. Enthusiasm for your job or profession can increase your motivation and productivity, which can help improve your technical engineering skills.

Understanding which companies provide the best engineering jobs is also important for students working to become engineers. Having this insight allows students to develop key skills and techniques while developing their interests for a role or career in these companies.

Here is a list of six great engineering companies you might consider working for:

1. Microsoft

Microsoft is known for designing and developing computer software and hardware systems. Companies often hire mechanical engineers to help them build and develop their hardware systems and software engineers to design useful computer programs and applications. They can also use software engineers to test software security and find intuitive ways to hack specific Microsoft programs to fix or adjust their cybersecurity.

2. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

NASA is a government agency that develops new technology for air and space travel. Engineers at NASA perform a variety of roles and responsibilities. Aerospace engineers help design and build critical rocket systems, while software engineers work to develop navigation programs and other applications that integrate well with specialized tools and equipment.

These tools are then designed by the manufacturing and electrical engineering departments. Working at NASA not only gives you a lot of creative freedom in your work, But it can also allow you to collaborate with other highly skilled engineers.

3. Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson is primarily engaged in the research and manufacturing of health care products. Most of their engineers work in the research and development department to use their skills and expertise to help develop important products for baby care, hygiene, injury care, beauty, and over-the-counter medicines. They may also need the help of software engineers to develop programs that can increase the company’s efficiency and help sell their products.

4. Torch Technologies

Torch Technologies provides critical engineering services to the United States Federal Government and the Department of Defense. The company offers a variety of services and employs several engineering disciplines, including software, electrical and mechanical engineers.

To assist the government with cyber security threats, Torch Technologies can employ skilled software engineers and information technology experts to address security issues in government programs. They can also employ talented electrical and mechanical engineers to develop physical products and equipment for the various branches of the US military.

5. Bose

Bose specializes in manufacturing audio equipment including headphones, speakers, and home audio systems. The company offers engineering opportunities such as audio system engineering, which helps implement the design of certain audio products, to product engineers who work to build physical consumer equipment. Bose often offers a variety of engineering positions that allow individuals to design, develop, and manufacture innovative consumer products.

6. United States Department of Energy

The United States Department of Energy works to develop technological solutions to the nation’s energy challenges. Although the department utilizes many engineering disciplines, the core engineering profession for this department is mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineers in the energy sector often work hard to develop new clean energy systems and ensure they are safe and cost-effective. Engineers in this department can also help find new and efficient ways to clean up radioactive waste.

Systems Engineering: Best Engineering Companies to Work For

According to a 2020 survey of engineering and IT students, the best companies to work for are Google, Microsoft, Apple, BMW Group, Amazon, Intel and IBM. Given the range of engineering fields, the best company depends on the specialty of the engineer. A mechanical engineer might find General Electric (ranked 10th) a better fit than Google or Apple. Alternatively, disciplines such as systems engineering may overlap with other disciplines to work in software, civil, or industrial engineering.

What do systems engineers do?

Best Cleared Engineering Companies
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Systems engineers develop and maintain efficient systems and processes. They are responsible for system operations and performance, testing, analysis, and reporting. Depending on the industry, systems engineers may be involved in manufacturing, scheduling, cost, and support.

Systems Engineering Features

Systems engineers can specialize. For example, an engineer interested in software and programming might focus on:

  • Automation and Robotics
  • Communication and networking
  • Information systems
  • Cyber ​​security
  • Software development

For example, systems engineers working in product development focus on building and maintaining systems that eliminate inefficiencies and improve performance. They may be tasked with determining the most appropriate methodology for the design and development of complex software.

Systems Engineering Salaries

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), engineering fields are expected to grow by 6 percent over the next two years. For systems engineers specializing in computer-related fields, job growth far outpaced the 6% growth for all engineering fields. The BLS projects a 22% increase in software development and a 33% increase in cybersecurity. Communications, networking, and information systems are forecast to grow between 5% and 7%.

Depending on the industry and engineering specialty, systems engineers can receive annual compensation between $84,000 and $120,000. Job location also plays a role in an engineer’s salary. For example, engineers working for Google or Apple in Silicon Valley will make more work than those working in an IBM office in Des Moines, Iowa.

How to Become a Systems Engineer

A four-year degree is a minimum requirement for an entry-level position. PhD for those seeking employment in research or higher education. need. In addition, systems engineers may require industry-specific training or certification. As more organizations move toward collaborative work environments, they are looking for individuals with soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and critical thinking.


On-the-job training is where systems engineers receive the industry-specific training they need to do their jobs. More colleges and universities are now offering internships with related industries to provide job-specific training. These affiliate programs enable engineers to gain valuable experience as they complete their formal education.

Although basic engineering principles apply to all industries, they look different in a manufacturing environment like General Electric than in a development environment like Microsoft. That is why training is so important for the success of a systems engineer. Even if an engineer decides to switch industries, the basic principles of engineering apply.


Completing certification programs can often substitute for training or experience. The exact certification will depend on the company. For example, becoming a Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP) demonstrates an understanding of engineering principles. Earning a certificate as a Certified Software Development Professional indicates expertise in software development.

Systems engineers want to be certified in the use of specific tools. For example, becoming certified in a programming language like C or C++ lends credibility when looking for a programming position. Company-specific certifications may indicate expertise in vendor technologies. Microsoft and Amazon offer certification for their cloud-based products.


As more companies change, engineers will need communication skills to work in teams. They will need time management skills, problem-solving skills, and a willingness to adapt to change. It is very important for engineers to take courses or seminars to enhance their soft skills.

Best Engineering Departments 2022

Comparable’s Best Engineering Teams list

based on sentiment ratings provided by employees of engineering departments who anonymously rated their employers on over the past 12 months. Nearly 20 different categories of workplace culture were measured, ranging from compensation, leadership, and co-workers to work-life balance, professional development opportunities, and incentives and benefits. All ratings were provided during The Great Resignation period from March 2021 to March 2022, making this list particularly relevant for job seekers who want to be part of a great engineering team. The detailed procedure is described below the lists.

Top 50 Best Engineering Teams 2022

Image 14
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  •  UiPath New York, NY
  •  IBM Armonk, NY
  •  Google Mountain View, CA
  •  ZipRecruiter Santa Monica, Ca
  •  Chewy Dania, FL
  • Sentinel One Mountain View, CA
  • HubSpot Cambridge, MA
  • Credit Karma Oakland, CA
  •  GoodRx Santa Monica, CA
  • Ring Central Belmont, CA
  • Next Door San Francisco, CA
  • Chegg Santa Clara, CA
  • 23andMe Sunnyvale, CA
  • Qualtrics Provo, UT
  • Route Lehigh, UT
  • Stanley Black & Decker New Britain, CT
  • Calyx San Jose, ca
  • Stash New York, NY
  • GoDaddy Tempe, AZ
  • nCino Wilmington, NC
  • iFIT Logan, UT
  • Ford Motor Company Dearborn, MI
  • Knowles Itasca, IL
  • Radiance Technologies Huntsville, AL
  • LG Electronics North America Englewood Cliffs, NJ
  • Vertafore Denver, CO
  • San Mateo, CA
  • TheoremOne Woodland Hills, CA
  • Tenable Columbia, MD
  • Niles San Francisco, CA
  • Phytoran Oakland, CA
  • 6sense San Francisco, CA
  • Earn Rewards Chicago, IL
  • Encora Scottsdale, AZ
  • Samsung Semiconductor (US) San Jose, CA
  •  Data Art New York, NY
  • Mixpanel San Francisco, CA
  • Guidewire Software San Mateo, CA
  •  Clearcover Chicago, IL
  • Nobles Reston, VA
  •  InfluxData San Francisco, CA
  •  Pipefy San Francisco, CA
  •  Zwift Long Beach, CA
  •  Life Omic Indianapolis, IN
  • Landing Birmingham, AL
  •  Lunchbox New York, New York
  •  Alcami Technology Plano, TX
  •  Clavio Boston, MA
  • Gaylor Electric Indianapolis, IN


The list is derived from sentiment ratings provided by employees in engineering departments who anonymously rated their employers on during a 12-month period (March 14, 2021 to March 14, 2022).

The rankings are determined based on employee feedback on a collection of workplace culture questions in about 20 categories, including compensation, leadership, and professional development opportunities for coworkers, work-life balance, and Perks and benefits. The questions were asked in a variety of data-driven formats – yes/no, true/false, 1-10 scale, multiple choice – providing an accurate and comprehensive look at what it’s really like to work at companies.

Each question was answered with a numerical score and then compared to companies of similar size. For fairness and statistical significance, additional weight was given to companies with higher participation than the employee base.

There were no fees or costs associated with participating, and no nomination was required. The final data set was compiled from ratings provided by employees in the engineering departments of large and SMB companies. To qualify, large companies (over 500 employees) must meet with at least 25 employee participants and SMB companies need 15 employees from the engineering department.

Clear engineering careers

  • Hardware Architect
  • Mixed Signal Hardware Engineer
  • PCB Designer
  • Software FPGA Application Engineer
  • Software engineer
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Entry Level Digital Design Engineer
  • Senior Digital Design Engineer
  • Field Application Engineer
  • Senior Hardware Engineer
  • Analog Hardware Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Cleared Microelectronics Engineer
  • Cleared ASIC Design Engineer
  • Test Engineer
  • Clear Software Engineer

Clear Software Engineer

As an essential business with mission-critical commitments, Annapolis Microsystems is full speed ahead. To maintain our positive momentum, we are looking for multiple cleared software engineers with US citizenship and TS/SCI Poly.

We offer the variety, challenge and stability you’re looking for. We perform both government and commercial work, and our small, tight-knit team members have to wear more than one hat. You will be working on high-profile programs that have a significant impact on national security and computing technology.

Founded in 1982 and located in beautiful Annapolis, Maryland, we have a long history of performing advanced full-custom integrated circuit design, analysis, and software engineering. We offer a professional, friendly environment, with the opportunity to do innovative work and be well compensated.

Job Description

Annapolis Micro Systems, Inc. Looking for an intelligent, versatile software developer to work on a team that identifies customer problems and develops high performance software solutions. Our team has built a reputation for products that incorporate image processing, image manipulation, large-scale disk and database access, fast and intuitive GUI design, and robust performance in highly productive applications. You will be an integral part of the team, designing, implementing, and supporting client applications and services that enhance system and end-user performance.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop, test, deploy, and maintain software products
  • Design object-oriented software architectures
  • Obtain requirements by communicating with customers.
  • Automated build, testing and deployment of software products.
  • Provide customer support for software products.
  • Manage software releases.


  • BS in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or Computer Science
  • Have received, or are ready to receive, a COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Required Knowledge of Languages: C/C++, C#
  • Required Knowledge of Compilers: Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Required Knowledge of Platforms: Microsoft Windows
  • Required Knowledge of Tools: .NET Framework, Subversion
  • Required knowledge of object oriented principles and design
  • Strong communication skills
  • U.S. citizenship and government clearance with the ability to obtain poly


Structural design for residential buildings

Learn what structural engineers do.

what we do

  • Remove the wall
  • An experienced engineer will visit the site and design the steel beam as per Euro codes.
  • Extensions
  • Rear or side, single or double storey. We will make the most efficient use of space and materials. All blueprints with instructions for a contractor.
  • Loft conversion
  • We will modify complex wood structures to create additional space in your home.

Site visits

Get an engineer to visit the site and review the construction progress or advise on your ideas.

We also design underpinnings, raft foundations, piles, steel and wood frame structures for residential and commercial projects.

Who are we?

Clear Engineering Solutions Ltd is a fast growing company operating primarily in Yorkshire. The company was founded with the idea of ​​revolutionizing the ethos of the structural engineering industry and using the best tools and programs available in the market to provide the most advanced service to our clients. We refuse to compromise quality for short-term rewards and are constantly reviewing our current knowledge and adapting to the latest technologies in construction as well as business practices. We are dedicated to performance, but safety comes first.

·       Technical drawings

Get accurate, detailed modern schematics you can trust.

Technical drawings are pictorial representations of real-world or planned structures and buildings. They are an essential means of communication between designers and developers who define complex systems and concepts.

Engineering drawings are different from architectural drawings. Artistic drawings express emotion, and creative architectural drawings aim to plan spaces for comfort and ease of use. An architect deals with the presentation and aesthetics of a building—how the building fits into its surroundings so that it is pleasing to the eye.

Unlike artistic drawings, structural engineering drawings deal with scientific and objective problems. The purpose of a technical drawing is to present a solution to a technical problem with clarity, with no room for ambiguity. To maintain the highest quality of our drafting, at Clear Engineering Solutions Ltd we use the most recognized drafting standards in the UK under BS8888-2017.

For every project, we create a set of high-quality design CAD drawings to include all of the following:

  • All important dimensions with tolerance (Δ+/-)
  • Steel profile size
  • Image result for steel profiles uk
  • Steel and timber connection details

Masonry Details

  1. Applicable supplementary notes
  2. Custom Note to Contractor

Scales and Perspectives

  • We usually use 1:50 scale for plan view.
  • 1:20 for section view
  • 1:10 for steel and timber connection details
  • Details of client, architect, contractor
  • All drawings are in metric system (mm, meter, km).

·       House Extension

Need more space but not ready to move? Update your home while increasing its value.

House Extension – Structural Design

When we get all the necessary information, we will respond quickly with an efficient and secure solution.

The process of buying new residential land is more difficult than ever these days. With rising property prices and a lack of affordable options, many homeowners are looking at home expansion. House extensions offer a viable solution that improves your quality of life as well as property value.

Our company provides extensive support through the construction process. From your first consultation to the end of construction requiring hundreds of calculations and detailed drawings, our team is here to help. We guarantee a safe and strong building.

Our company handles all aspects of expansive architectural design, including the following:

  • Foundation design
  • Masonry
  • Lintels
  • Steel beam
  • Wooden beams
  • the roof
  • Hopped
  • Gable
  • Trusses
  • Conventionally cut lumber (purlins, hips, valleys)

Regardless of size or shape we can handle your design. Simple rear extensions are generally permitted within permitted development as long as they do not extend more than 3m from the original terrace/semi-detached house or 4m from the original detached house. This means planning permission is not required, although homeowners should check government permission guidelines and permitted development rights for householders.

For a major extension, we will work with the architect of your choice. When we get all the necessary information, we will respond quickly with an efficient and secure solution. We always keep customers informed throughout the project that we are available for Viedo calls and support. We are happy to receive images from you for evaluation, and you have access to a wide range of resources from our website.

·       New construction

From top to bottom, we’ve got well-crafted designs you’ll love.

New Build House – Structural Design

The planning stage

Any new residential construction will require planning permission. It’s a good idea to get all your ducks in a row regarding local ordinances and regulations before making a design. Your local council will extend planning permission once architectural drawings have been submitted for the proposed development. Apply on the planning portal.

Structural phase

We always recommend that your design is also checked by an engineer before submission. This allows us to catch and fix any potentially costly structural problems that the architect and engineer can work on together.

Once planning permission is granted, our company can immediately begin designing all the necessary structural elements, including the following:

Foundation: The basic foundation of your building

Masonry: Supporting walls and substructure

Lintel: The horizontal support at the top of doors and windows

Floor Joist: Sub-floor sheeting and supporting live loads such as furniture and people

Steel beams: Where the heaviest support is required.

Timber beams: We always recommend UK timber over globally sourced materials to reduce your carbon footprint and support local businesses. Wood is also carbon neutral and much easier to handle on site than steel.

Roof: An integral part of your design, many options are available. Usually using a modern system made of timber, or more traditional cut frames with purlins and hips.

Assistance during construction

Designing your dream home is not just a matter of vision. It takes attention to detail and the right tools to ensure that every joist and beam fits exactly where it should. A well-built home will last for decades without issue, and we think you deserve nothing less.

We are happy to receive images from you for evaluation, and you have access to a wide range of resources from our website.

·       Surveying

On-site consultation and troubleshooting keep your project on track

Surveying – Site inspection

Working together as a team is essential to the success of any project. We offer engineer site visits so the engineer can meet directly with the architect, client, and contractor to discuss solutions and changes. At each site visit, our engineer will thoroughly check the following:

Alignment of floor joists: We will analyze which wall carries the weight of the floor and the most effective orientation of the joists.

Roof design: Whether it’s a traditional wooden roof using purlins and hips or a modern system of trusses, we’ll make sure it works effectively with the rest of the design.

Quality of Masonry: Different materials have different load-bearing capacity, so regular quality checks are necessary to prevent cracking and guarantee the stability of the building.

Location: Soil type, slope of the land, proximity to trees and rivers, and local environment all have a major impact on construction.

We use advanced equipment to minimize the physical impact on the building, such as laser measures and spirit levels, endoscopes, and detectors for various materials. This way we can provide an accurate analysis without removing the plaster and ceiling.

About the company

Clear Engineering Solutions Ltd is a fast growing company operating primarily in Yorkshire. The company was founded with the idea of ​​revolutionizing the ethos of the structural engineering industry and using the best tools and programs available in the market to provide the most advanced service to our clients. We refuse to compromise quality for short-term rewards and are constantly reviewing our current knowledge and adapting to the latest technologies in construction as well as business practices. We are dedicated to performance, but safety comes first.

CES uses the latest techniques in structural engineering. During on-site inspections, we use laser measures, professional endoscopes, and wall scanners to detect material types and other state-of-the-art equipment to ensure accuracy and minimize impact on the property. could We then use digital modeling of loads and forces from overhead dead weight, as well as dynamic forces such as wind modeling. We also have an extensive understanding of soil types, local climates, and common building materials in Leeds, York, Harrogate, and Bradford.

All data collected is processed to enhance the clarity of technical drawings for the contractor. Once the project is submitted, we will stay with you until construction is completed. And as part of our mission to create eco-friendly design, we continually strive to reflect environmental initiatives by reducing CO² emissions and supporting local tradespeople who use UK timber rather than globally sourced materials. do

All our designs conform to British Standards and Eurocode.

0113 86 800 86

Call Us

Leeds | UK

Mon – Fri: 9AM – 5PM

Opening Time

Top 20 clearance engineering companies recruitments with estimated salaries

Network Engineer – Remote (Secret Clearance)

General Dynamics Information Technology – Remote 3.7

Experience in the analysis and design of voice networks, LAN and WAN data networks, wireless networks, and/or network management systems to support voice and data

$76,000 – $114,000 a year

Network Engineer – Confidential – Remote

General Dynamics Information Technology – Remote 3.7

Design and implementation of networks, LAN and WAN data networks, MP-BGP, MPLS L3VPN, and network management systems. In this role, a typical day will include:

Estimate: $100,000 – $140,000 a year

Jr. Iron Care Engineer

Iron Bow Technologies – United States 3.5

Ability to obtain public trust or secret level government approval. Use network management, monitoring and problem isolation tools to gather information and.

Estimate: $55,000 – $76,000 a year

GBSD Cloud Systems Engineer (Confidential, Preferred) – 100% Remote

General Dynamics Information Technology – Remote 3.7

Experience with cloud/server/network/storage implementation and support. General Dynamics Information Technology is seeking a strong Cloud Systems Engineer…

$84,000 – $126,000 a year

Virtual Reality Technician

CAE Inc. – Seymour-Johnson AFB, NC 3.6

Able to obtain or able to obtain a Secret Security Clearance. Able to configure a secure network. While working independently without supervision…

Estimate: $41,000 – $55,000 a year

Network Engineer Top Secret Clearance Needed Springfield VA

Tetra Tech – Springfield, VA 3.7

A top secret clearance is required. Provide documentation/drawings of network architecture and configurations. Gain knowledge about installation and apply it…

Estimate: $74,000 – $94,000 a year

COMSAT Engineer

Foresight Systems – Washington, DC

Conduct system level trade studies for satellite, ground terminal network, and command and control segments.

Estimate: $86,000 – $130,000 a year

Lead Network Engineer, Secret Clearance!

American System – United States 3.9

Secret clearance or ability to obtain Secret clearance. Conduct regular network performance tests. Research and analyze new network technologies and current…

Estimate: $95,000 – $130,000 a year

CAD Engineer (Secret Clearance Required) – Remote East Coast

ADM – Boston, MA 3.5

New telecommunications site construction, upgrades and fiber optic networks (or…

Network Engineer

Boaz Allen Hamilton – McLean, VA 3.9

Experience documenting network security architectures. Eligibility to obtain security clearance. You can benefit from our tuition assistance,…

Estimate: $73,000 – $100,000 a year

Cloud Engineer, Jr

Booz Allen Hamilton – Rome, NY +2 locations3.9

Selected applicants will be subject to a security investigation and may be required to meet eligibility requirements for access to classified information.

Estimate: $64,000 – $88,000 a year

Entry Level Electrical Engineer (Spring 2023)

General Dynamics Mission Systems, Inc – Dedham, MA 3.7

Working effectively and efficiently with other team members to include other design engineers, systems engineers, software engineers, project managers, users…

$85,300 – $87,800 a year

NAVAIR Network Engineer, Travel – Eligibility to obtain Secret Clearance

American System – Patuxent River, MD 3.9

Design and implement computer and information networks, such as local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN), intranets, extranets, and other data.

Estimate: $92,000 – $130,000 a year

Network Engineer with active Secret Clearance

Deloitte – San Diego, CA 3.9

An active Secret Clearance is required to be considered for this role. At least five (5) years of experience in networking, network analysis, IA scanning, testing…

Estimate: $110,000 – $160,000 a year

Junior Field Network Engineer

Chenega MIOS – Reston, VA

Implement and/or modify existing network monitoring capabilities. Monitor and troubleshoot the operational status of network and forward deployed assets.

Estimate: $78,000 – $97,000 a year

Resident Engineer, Top Secret Clearance

Ciena – Remote 3.9

Since 1992, Ciena has been driven by a relentless pursuit of network innovation. We believe in a network that is smarter, more agile and more responsive.

Estimate: $97,000 – $130,000 a year

Network Engineer

Parsons – Springfield, VA +2 locations3.9

Develop plans and designs for network modifications and enhancements. Install and test new network software, including upgrades, fixes, and patches.

Estimate: $80,000 – $100,000 a year

Entry Level Systems Engineer

General Dynamics Mission Systems, Inc – Pittsfield, MA +1 Location3.7

Clearance Requirements: A Department of Defense Secret Security Clearance is required within a reasonable period of time. This is an amazing challenge.

$70,600 – $78,400 a year

Electronics Engineer

US United States Army Futures Command – Fort Belvoir, VA

The letter must be signed by the engineer who provided professional engineer supervision. It should also include their name, phone number and a list of their…

$126,233 – $176,300 a year

Network Engineer, Tucson AZ, P1 onsite position, must have active US Secret clearance

Raytheon Missiles and Defense – Tucson, AZ 3.6

An active and scoped DoD Secret US Secret Security Clearance. Active US Secret Security Clearance required. Current DoD Top Secret level security clearance.

TSS Network Engineer Specialist – Remote

General Dynamics Information Technology – Remote 3.7

8+ years of data center network infrastructure experience. Provides expert knowledge for maintenance and upgrades of networks including routers, switches

$128,000 – $192,000 a year

Systems Engineer I – Ability to obtain Secret clearance

American System – Bethesda, MD 3.9

Have an active Secret Clearance or the ability to obtain a Secret Clearance. Looking for: A self-motivated, junior engineer candidate with a proactive secret…

Estimate: $74,000 – $110,000 a year

Field Engineer

Lockheed Martin Corporation – Moody Air Force Base, GA +2 locations 4.0

Able to obtain and maintain a Secret Security Clearance. Field Engineers on other relevant training systems. The candidate will report and document all hardware system.

Network Engineer WAN – Top Secret Clearance

General Dynamics Information Technology – Springfield, VA 3.7

The agency provides engineering support for enterprise network solutions. Active Secret with SSBI or Top Secret clearance.

Estimate: $100,000 – $140,000 a year

Senior Network Engineer

RTI International – Durham, NC 3.7

Ability to obtain up to a secret personal security clearance. Duties include configuration, deployment, testing, and maintenance, monitoring .

$130,000 – $160,000 a year

Test Engineer, Mid

Boaz Allen Hamilton – El Segundo, CA 3.9

Selected applicants will be subject to a security investigation and may be required to meet eligibility requirements for access to classified information.

Estimate: $94,000 – $130,000 a year

Staff Technical Services Engineer – Secret Security Clearance – Poly

HP – Washington, DC 4.0

Must have a secret security clearance. Troubleshooting this error likely involves troubleshooting networking problems found on both the LAN and WAN portions of modern IP…

Estimate: $93,000 – $120,000 a year

NAVAIR Network Engineer, Sr. – Eligibility to obtain Secret Clearance

US system – Tinker AFB, ok +1 location3.9

Design and implement computer and information networks, such as local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN), intranets, extranets, and other data…

Estimate: $99,000 – $140,000 a year

Systems Engineer, Mid

Booz Allen Hamilton – Washington, DC +4 locations3.9

3+ years of experience with applying systems engineering processes to software or network development. Expand your capabilities by integrating software and network design…

Estimate: $88,000 – $130,000 a year

Associate Systems Engineer – Secret Clearance

US System – San Diego, CA 3.9

Reviewing architecture drawings and network specifications to integrate shore systems with afloat network systems. Support of the United States Navy.

Estimate: $81,000 – $120,000 a year

Network Engineer Mid

Centurion Consulting Group – Remote 5.0

Ability to demonstrate personal network within the industry. 7+ years of experience with building and designing complex DoD systems, with a focus on…

Estimate: $93,000 – $130,000 a year

Networks Engineer II

KBR – North Charleston, SC 4.1

Clearance: Active DoD SECRET security clearance. Ability to obtain a DoD Top Secret security clearance. Knowledge of network engineering principles to investigate…

Radio System Engineer

Zachary Piper Solutions – Aberdeen, MD 3.4

Knowledge and understanding of current/future force tactical and strategic military communications networks as well as architecture, protocols, and security.

$115,000 – $140,000 a year

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