Sensor Engineered Solutions Reviews

A full service system integration and engineered solutions provider.

SENSOR is a full-service system integration and engineered solutions provider built on the core SOR Controls Group’s capabilities – providing innovative solutions based on customer service, quality assurance, and reliable delivery.

Sensor Engineered Solutions Reviews
All About Sor Engineering Solutions 3

SOR Controls Group has a long history of custom engineering equipment for customers around the world and in-depth knowledge of a wide range of industries and processes. As customers have grown to trust our engineering expertise, SENSOR Engineered Solutions has grown. Examples of completed sensor projects include the following solutions:

Monitoring and Telemetry Systems: A flexible design that uses off-the-shelf components where possible and data move to a dedicated server to keep the SCADA system back to client ownership with SENSOR support. HART® 7, Modbus RTU and discrete signals are all used with wireless, self-powered site radios. Read more about sensor telemetry systems.

  • 2014-815 Panel Design, Fabrication, and Commissioning: SENSOR provides complete in-house electrical and pneumatic design, fabrication and panel solutions to solve field problems. Sensor fabrication facilities operate with certified MIG/TIC welders and ASME Section IX and AWS D2.1 qualified welding systems supervised by Staff Level II Certified Weld Inspectors to ASME B31.1 and B31. 3 has the ability to produce, world class.
  • Custom Bridles and Level Measurement Systems: Sensors Custom bridles are a simple, effective means of expanding a monitoring solution by adding multiple devices to at least the vessel’s faucets. Bridles and level measurement systems meet the design requirements of ASME B31.1 and B31.3 with ASTM grade materials and ASME standard piping components while meeting the same stringent standards as pressure vessels. Read more about SENSOR Custom Bridles and click here to learn more about how we cost-effectively replaced old in-line level controllers in a power plant.
  • Knockout Vessels and Vessels: Knockout vessels have built-in level and back pressure controls available for self-contained operation while providing unrestricted gas flow when collecting liquids from the production stream and protecting the dryer or compressor. do All units are hydro-tested to 1.5 times rated pressure and designed in accordance with ASME B31.3 piping and pressure vessel codes. Read more about sensor knockout pots and pans.SENSOR has the ability and creativity to engineer, manufacture and deliver cost-effective solutions from a single source. With access to design engineers, programmers, draftsmen, sourcing professionals, and production technicians, as well as your entire SENSOR project team, SENSOR leverages all aspects of the SOR Controls Group.

A team of experienced engineers, experts in mechanical, electrical and electronic principles and systems, will provide a solution that suits your specific needs. They have designed virtually every type of equipment for a wide variety of industrial applications. Sensor design activities regularly include:

Ingenuity Art Advanced Electronic Surface Mount Circuitry – High and Low Power

Digital and analog communication systems, including custom digital codes

Integrating instrumentation and electronic or mechanical systems

Analyzing process conditions to localize sources of errors and failures

Obtaining and applying regulatory listings such as UL, FM, CSA, ATEX and more

If what you need isn’t available, SENSOR will find it. If we can’t find it, we’ll design and build it from scratch:

  • Award-winning machine shop with complete tool and die design, advanced fabrication and machining capabilities
  • Ability to produce integrated castings, sheet metal, and machined components
  • ASME Section IX and AWS D2.1 qualified welding system with certified MIG/TIG welders and Level II Certified Weld Inspector (CWI)
  • Panasonic Perform Arc 122S Robotic Weld Centers
  • Custom painting and coating systems
  • SOR Controls Group is synonymous with quality – worldwide in a variety of industries including oil and gas, chemical/petrochemical, and power generation.ISO-9001 was registered in 1992.
  • Certified and documented design, production and evaluation processes
  • ASME-compliant welding system with Certified Weld Inspector (CWI), Approved Welding Procedure Specification (WPS), Procedure Qualification Record (QPR) and in-house Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) testing.
  • Material traceability on ASTM rated materials with Certified Mill Test Reports (CMTR).
  • A formal calibration system that maintains all in-house test and inspection equipment.
  • A solution

SENSOR_Woody Using our experience, we will find the best solution for your operational problems. We’ll ask the questions, you’ll provide the data and we’ll develop a range of possible solutions based on our extensive experience in device design, application, and manufacturing to solve the problem and meet your budget.

Our Statement of Requirements (SOR) development services can define project scope, lead time, and budget estimates, define environmental support systems, and define capacity and room size requirements for IT spaces. are, while ensuring consistency with your reliability and availability requirements (best practice standards based on TIER level). Through this process, we thoroughly document and identify your needs and requirements with your architects and engineers, for the final design of all critical support systems. We act as your IT infrastructure experts for the duration of the project.

Whether you are planning a new 10,000 square foot data center, designing a 300 square foot server room, or replacing some old electrical distribution components and computer room air conditioning systems, we can help you. will work with you to develop an appropriate SOR that will accurately Assess and identify your needs with all members of your design and construction team.

Because we are current with evolving hardware trends and their requirements (blades, VMs, etc.), we are able to define ‘best practices’ infrastructure support systems from the start.

  • A typical SOR will address the following elements:
  • Data center (server room) shell construction (vapor barriers, security, acoustics, lighting, etc.)
  • Access floors, ramps, and elevators (if/as needed)
  • Equipment racks and racking requirements
  • Power distribution systems
  • Performance grounding system
  • Emergency Power Generation System
  • Electrical wiring and cabling
  • Electrostatic Discharge Elements (ESD)
  • Computer room AC system
  • Heat Rejection System (Condenser, Cooling Towers, Dry Cooler, etc.)
  • Fire detection and suppression systems
  • Access control and security systems
  • Environmental Monitoring Systems

The following IT infrastructure consulting services can be offered to you on a fixed fee (when the scope can be clearly defined) and hourly rates basis. These services are mostly specific to IT infrastructure type projects and are generally defined as:

Sensor Engineered Solutions Reviews
All About Sor Engineering Solutions 4

1. Determining basic needs

During this phase, we will determine the infrastructure requirements based on the client’s operational needs. Its objectives will be to define the high-level performance requirements of the new environment. Requirements will be determined from specifications provided by the client and as determined during on-site interviews with the client’s IT representatives.

2. Preparation of Basic Infrastructure Statement of Requirement (SOR).

Based on the determination of the basic requirements, we will develop a Basic Infrastructure Statement of Requirements (SOR) that will more clearly describe the required infrastructure elements of the new site. We will work with you to develop an appropriate SOR that will accurately represent your IT infrastructure needs to the selected engineering design and planning teams (engineers and interior designers).

There will be a detailed list of deliverable requirements, equipment requirements, and specifications, as well as layout and racking drawings (VISIO) for all areas of interest.

As part of preparing our SOR, we will determine (based on best practices) the rack level and special furniture requirements of the spaces, as well as the electrical and mechanical requirements for the spaces. Our SOR will include drawings (VISIO) and equipment specifications to accurately communicate your requirements to interior designers and engineers for proper preparation and design of electrical and mechanical system sizes and physical spaces. .

3. Preparation of basic cost estimates

The purpose of the service is to provide accurate cost estimates to help you decide on the final configuration of proposed infrastructure elements (ie, single or multi-module UPS systems, sprinkler systems, single or dual redundant power feeds, redundant cooling). have to do systems, etc).

The scope of budget preparation shall be limited to cost estimates for IT infrastructure locations and key operations locations (ie OCC, telecommunications rooms, and support systems, such as racking, rack power distribution, air). are strongly associated with the physical elements. conditioning, UPS power, etc.). This estimate will not include costs associated with resources outside the physical infrastructure definition (computer hardware installations and purchases, relocation costs, etc.).

The following basic computer facility design and construction elements will be considered in preparing this estimate.

  • Addition of room shell (if required).
  • Power distribution and critical UPS systems.
  • Instrument cooling system.
  • Installation of electrical and mechanical systems.
  • Fire detection and suppression.
  • Environmental monitoring.

4. Assist in the preparation of final design and tender documents

From our SOR, we can assist nominated engineers in PR.

Determination of optimum blending ratio of Sor range with Indonesian coal for use in Pakistani cement industries

Tufail Ahmed, Zaheer Ahmed Kasi, Samiullah, Abbas Hussain, Zahid Hussain, Asif Abbas, Faheem Ahmed Abupoto.


Due to low quality constraints, indigenous coal is not being used in cement industries. Coal blending is still not a common practice in Pakistan. In this study, we use Sur Range coal as a partial substitute for Indonesian coal to meet the quality requirements of cement industries. In order to improve the coal blending ratio, Indonesian coal was blended with Sur-Range coal to form composites. Using proximate analysis, coal parameters such as moisture, volatile matter, ash, and fixed carbon were determined. Calorific value and sulfur content were determined using an oxygen bomb calorimeter and a carbon hydrogen sulfur determinator (CHS-580), respectively. Experimental results of ash, moisture, fixed carbon, volatile matter and calorific value of sour-range coal meet the required coal quality except for sulfur value.

 Based on laboratory testing results, it was found that Sor-Renge coal is not suitable for use in cement industries, due to its high sulfur content. It is found that all the blend proportions meet the required specifications of cement industries except Blend-1 and Blend-2. The optimum blending ratio is 80:20 i.e. 80% Indonesian coal (imported coal) and 20% Sur Range coal (local coal). The end result is financial savings by minimizing the import of foreign coal.

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