Reliant Consulting Reviews
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Our goal:

  • Help organizations successfully achieve their operating and project objectives on time with less money.
  • Support local content initiatives to empower and continuously improve local expertise.
  • To provide engineering services and training to enhance the culture of technology and innovation as a key asset which brings global quality to projects.
  • Provide project management and project controls training and augmentation of local staff.
  • Ensure long-term quality, health, safety, environmental, and continuous improvement trends are maintained and
  • Embedded in the workforce

Our Services:

  • Project management and project controls training and consulting
  •  Integrated Organization and Operations Quality Management and HSE Training and Consulting
  • Engineering and technology development training and consultancy
  •  Provide highly skilled personnel for project and staff augmentation to support and train local resources

Training – Objectives and Program Description

  • Our instructors are highly respected in the industry with advanced degrees.
  • Decades of experience in our fields. We have training centers in Houston, Texas,
  • USA, and has alliances with universities and colleges in Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Our Houston training center is equipped with a state-of-the-art recording studio.
  • which allows us to design and deploy online courses to incorporate into our curriculum.
  • Customized training for any company in any location.
  • Organization and Project Excellence Training (OPET) Professional Training Series is delivered by our world class.
  • A consortium of companies with significant local and international experience in oil and gas, power, manufacturing, and
  • Infrastructure Industries. These industries play a key role in the economic development of the regions that depend heavily on them.
  • This makes it imperative for industries to overcome the challenge of building and sustaining a high level of competence.
  • Empowers the local workforce and their employers. RELIANT instructors have unique experience working on large projects.
  • And in many functional areas within these industries. It creates the depth of knowledge and skills.

is rarely found. Our curriculum conveys this real-world knowledge using applied course methodology.

  • The most relevant courses and training programs in the industry today. The applied approach includes theory and practical.
  • What to do, why to do it, and how to do it.
  • The OPET series includes four core knowledge areas that utilize a variety of flexible delivery methods through our online.
  • Academy and local instruction designed for professionals at all levels. Each area focuses on a specific area.
  • The organization together consists of the modern integrated processes that are required to successfully execute the supporting projects.
  • High quality organization and operations that support their success. Course content in each area is gradual
  • Provides knowledge for all learning levels including hands on workshops to teach you how to become an effective practitioner. While understanding the importance of each role within the larger organization

OPET Syllabus – Energy and Industrial

  • The area I – Project Management, Execution, and Control
  • Area II – Quality and Compliance of Organization and Operation
  • Area III – Operations and HSE
  • Area IV – Engineering and Technology Development


Reliant Consulting Reviews
All About Reliant Consulting 6

Our consultants are highly trained professionals with extensive knowledge and decades of industry experience. We provide Consulting services for most areas of the organization ensuring comprehensive integration for our clients. Our goal is to help you ensure that your project, organization, and operations processes and personnel meet your needs and expectations We also provide expert technical and engineering consulting to keep your products and company up-to-date. Edge of innovation. We understand that no matter what products and services you create, your Quality Management Systems (QMS) and Processes are the foundation of your product and business success. Having an integrated QMS in place enables your Organization to meet the challenge of increasing operational efficiency and continuously improving overall performance Compliance Reliant provides full support in the development, implementation and maintenance of these systems. Compliance with International Organization for Standardization (ISO), American Petroleum Institute (API) and other industries’ Requirements, typically leads to compliance and/or certification. Implementation of the Health, Safety and Environmental Management System and auditing program is another key area of ​​work to support the success of your entire organization. It verifies regulatory compliance as well as internal consistency, and requirements, and provides a framework to minimize risk to workers and the environment. A proactive HSE management the system works to protect workers and the environment for which reduced liability can have a positive economic benefit. Both injury and environmental events. We help you simplify, integrate and precisely implement your systems so you can minimize and maximize your efforts. The performance and value they provide. Our consulting services can be provided locally or remotely by our alliance partners.

Project, Organization, and Technical Consulting:

  •  Project management
  •  Project controls
  •  Quality Management Systems (QMS) and Standards
  •  Organization and operational improvement
  •  Auditing and inspection services
  •  Emerging technologies and technology validation
  •  Methodology in new product development
  •  Subsea equipment
  •  High voltage transmission
  •  Special topics include corrosion and cathodic protection,
  • Welding, Coatings (Nano), API Product Specifications, DNV
  • Recommended Practices, FEA Calculations, Computational
  • Fluid  Dynamics, and more.

HSE and Operations Consulting:

  •  Management of environmental and social security
  • Frameworks
  •  HSE performance measurement and benchmarking
  •  Environmental Management System (ISO Standards)
  •  Identification of occupational hazards and hazard exposures and
  • Assessments
  •  Site assessment, maintenance, and remediation
  •  Waste Management Services and Environmental Engineering,
  •  Training and manpower development, policy documents
  • Instructions
  •  Safety Emergency Response Planning
  •  Hazardous waste and chemical management
  • SEMS Training (Offshore)

Project and staff enhancements

Reliant provides dedicated professional and technical resources to help companies accomplish their projects and business.

Objectives on a short or long term basis. We work with industry leaders, operators, service providers, manufacturers, and more. Engineering organizations to understand their strategies and overcome resource challenges. This can be a strategy. Beneficial for many reasons including short-term needs, cost and overhead benefits, filling temporary knowledge gaps, and resource and productivity fluctuations. Our support resources can also serve a dual purpose working alongside staff as well as training to maintain competence and knowledge.

We have highly trained and experienced local and foreign resources who understand the local terrain available demand Our goal is to help our clients find the right solutions to build highly effective and efficient teams.

We provide personnel resource support in these and other areas:

  •  Project management
  •  Project controls
  •  Project planning and scheduling
  •  Engineering, design, and technology development
  •  Quality Management (QA/QC)
  •  Risk and Change Management (Organization and Project)
  •  HSE and Environmental Management
  •  Change Organization and Operations Management (MOC)
  •  Acquisition / Acceleration
  •  Auditing and inspection services

 Each of our partners brings a unique set of skills and experience that make our alliance the most comprehensive and trusted name in the industry. Just ask our many satisfied customers and you’ll be sure we can get the job done.

Founded in 1991, Texas International Engineering Consultants, Inc. (TIEC) provides training, consulting, auditing and special development, and competency process for implementation, Maintenance, and improvement of quality management system Compliance with industry standards (API, ISO, ASME). System Certification and/ or Product Licensing. TIEC is broad. International experience working with large and small manufacturing, service, and engineering companies worldwide. TIEC uses it. Multicultural experience to assist clients in their development of products and services in today’s global market. Also, TIEC Provides customized training for quality, leadership, safety, Environmental and many other topics. Dedicated to delivering. Services for customized client needs, TIEC provides a hands-on. How to ensure clients receive practical, cost-effective, real-world training, consulting, and auditing services.

Multiple Development Services Limited (MDS) has the latest Edge to help meet creatively with responsible corporate organizations . These expectations and needs. Our focus is to support private and public. Clients to improve their health, safety, and environmental performance, Operational effectiveness and competitiveness by working together with Our growing clients who focus on excellence in creating unique strategies. Safety and environmental practice. The organization is a practice. Applying integrated and multidisciplinary approaches Addressing health, safety, and environmental issues primarily for us Valuable customers. We offer human and capital development through us. Our various professional courses and customized courses that meet client needs.

3iAssurance (3iA) was founded in early 2016 in Houston, Texas. Meet the challenges of a rapidly changing industry. We brought Integrated quality, operations, organizational, and project solutions to Relevant areas that are important to your business. We have a unique experience working in many active areas of major oil and gas Power, and manufacturing companies that provide us with a complete A portfolio of knowledge and skills of organizations and operations that is rarely found. We bring this vast knowledge to our customers. Providing some of the most comprehensive and integrated advice Training programs in today’s industry. Our mission is to help you. Clients overcome all process, personnel and performance challenges. And bring new perspectives that transform even the most complex. Problems in simple solutions

Overview of reliable solutions

Reliant Consulting Reviews
All About Reliant Consulting 7

Reliant’s Redbox platform transforms the delivery and support of retail systems through an appliance-based converged infrastructure solution, enabling a wide range of applications, systems and network configurations. The Redbox platform solution replaces traditional, inflexible retail storage systems with an agile model that can be centrally managed across countless stores and additional dedicated devices to run each in-store application. Eliminates the need for Conclusion: Retail executives can keep pace with 21st century customer engagement applications while keeping costs under control using this highly flexible and secure architecture. In addition to our patented Redbox platform, designed for merchants with multi-site retail locations, we offer consulting services and a managed services program. Our management team is QIR, CISSP and CISM certified and consists of leaders in the areas of networking, PCI compliance, POS and payment technology.

Our clients include many of the world’s leading global retail brands in the specialty retail, luxury, restaurant and convenience store industries. Reliant addresses security, networking and in-store computing on a holistic basis to help you reduce the cost and risk of delivering customer engagement technologies in your stores. The innovative design of the Redbox platform allows you to integrate a wide range of different network, security, infrastructure and application functions in a single low-cost appliance for the first time. Our active participation in the PCI Security Standards Council is critical to our commitment to PCI. This focus allows us to keep our solutions at the forefront of PCI regulations. As a result, we keep you ahead of the constant changes and demands of PCI compliance.

Founded in 2006, Reliant Solutions is an established company that prefers to hire Stanford University graduates, with 10.0% of its employees having attended Stanford University. Want to compare Reliant Solutions to some of the other best places to work in New York, NY? We recommend taking a look at Zippia’s list of the best companies to work for in New York, NY.

Reliant Solutions is a mid-technology company with 480 employees and annual revenue of $21.4M headquartered in New York, NY.

Payment strategy and design

The payment process is one of the most important steps in the customer engagement process. As a merchant, accepting a wide variety of tenders is your last chance to make a good impression on customers. With today’s technology-savvy shoppers, the advent of omnichannel retailing, and more restrictive PCI DSS security requirements, seamless payment processing is becoming the most challenging point of integration.

Reliant can help navigate the business-driven path to payment functionality selection and integration. Reliant’s services include designing and selecting systems that ensure high reliability, low transaction processing costs and PCI DSS compliance. Additionally, as the first company globally to be designated as a PCI Qualified Integrator and Reseller (QIR), we are experts in selecting retail systems to enable EMV transactions.

Reliant’s certified PCI QIR consulting team will comprehensively assess your current payment technology and business needs across all channels. Our extensive background in retail technology systems and experience in a wide variety of payment integration technologies provides our clients with an agnostic vantage point for the design of payment solutions moving forward.

Reduction in PCI scope

In today’s security-conscious retail environment, the systems used for payment acceptance ultimately define a merchant’s PCI DSS compliance currency. Merchants who are locked into specific vendor solutions may find that they not only fail to deliver the promised PCI DSS scope reduction but also limit the acceptance of new payment technologies.

Payment system scope reduction is a common, but often misunderstood strategy for achieving PCI DSS compliance. Reliant’s deep understanding of payment systems combined with our extensive PCI implementation experience allows us to build payment solutions that remove integrated POS systems from the PCI DSS scope.

These architectures allow our customers to manage security and compliance requirements, quickly deliver requests to retail stores, and provide a platform for ongoing business needs. Reliant’s consulting staff consists of certified PCI QIR engineers who are fluent in a variety of ERP, retail technology and payment applications. Additionally, we maintain extensive bank certification experience with all acquirer and gateway platforms.

What does Reliant Consulting do?

Reliant Consulting Inc. Offers specialized consulting services in the telecommunication industry. We have the people, technology and infrastructure to meet your organization’s goals and objectives. We support small to medium-sized businesses that typically don’t have the expertise or time to find the solution that best meets their goals. We are in an industry where there are many vendors, products and solutions. To complicate things further, vendors have a vested interest and each vendor believes they represent the core of the telecommunications industry.

How much do you charge for your services?

There is no charge for our services. We already have relationships with more than 200+ suppliers and they provide us with margins because we bring business to them. Your installation, training, programming and billing will be directly with the vendor of your choice. We are simply facilitating the process for you.

I already have an existing relationship with my current IT provider

We encourage you to work together to maintain it and improve your billing. If you need an upgrade or a new system, we will work with you to provide competitive pricing. You decide which vendor you want to move forward with and we’ll see it through to implementation.

What differentiates you in the market?

  • We have no personal interest in the vendor or the solution and we do not charge anything from our customers.
  • We are not aware of which vendor provides you with the final solution.
  • We do not charge for our services as we already have an existing relationship with the vendor of your choice.
  • Because we help the vendor provide customer service at no cost, they provide the margin for our services. However, your installation, training, programming, and billing are all up to the vendor and you. Any price they quote will be the price directly with that vendor.
  • We conduct quarterly reviews with our customers.
  • Provide customized solutions for our customers.

What market do you target?

We target small to medium sized businesses.

Who are your current partners and what is your relationship with them?

We have a partnership with a Global Master Agent that has relationships with over 200 vendors in Canada, the US and globally. We provide the following value to your organization.

  • Our consulting services come at no cost to you.
  • We will work with your current vendor to improve billing. Provide competitive quotes if required.
  • We assess your telecom, data, networks and emerging technologies.
  • Your installation, training, programming, and billing stays directly with you. The price we negotiate is the price you would get directly from the vendor. We do business with open disclosure.
  • Work with your existing IT staff, and existing telecom relationships to bring you the right solution.
  • We will provide recommendations on which vendor best fits your objectives, but you are free to choose which vendor or solution after reviewing competitive quotes.

What is the value you bring to the table?

We help solve the following:

  • How can I control and reduce IT costs?
  • What are the new and emerging technologies that can increase my productivity?
  • What solution works best for me for voice communication including VOIP, Cloud, and PBX solutions?
  • What are my options for existing maintenance contracts, upgrades and new systems?
  • Are my network services optimal and how can I improve them?
  • How can I improve my call center and what solutions are there?
  • What is the ROI for keeping IT infrastructure in-house or in a data center?

What is the process you work with?

Briefly, we work with the following process.

  • We conduct an in-depth analysis of your current billing, services and your needs.
  • We will work with your existing supplier to optimize costs and offer solutions that increase productivity.
  • We generate competitive references if required. We arrange conference calls and organize presentations and demos.
  • We become your trusted advisor for doing the above.
  • We do business with honesty, integrity, knowledge and experience.
  • We determine your total cost and create an ROI to justify any transaction.
  • We hold quarterly meetings with our clients to discuss emerging technologies.
  • We negotiate contracts to get the best prices.

Save by Comparing Telephone System Suppliers and Vendors

Start your free consultation with a company that is vendor and solution neutral.

  • Our consulting services come at no cost to you.
  • We will work with your current vendor to improve billing. Provide competitive quotes if required.
  • We assess your telecom, data, networks and emerging technologies.
  • Your installation, training, programming, and billing stays directly with you. The price we negotiate is the price you would get directly from the vendor. We do business with open disclosure.
  • Work with your existing IT staff, and existing telecom relationships to bring you the right solution.
  • We will provide recommendations on which vendor best fits your objectives, but you are free to choose which vendor or solution after reviewing competitive quotes.

Tampa  CPA  firms and Tampa accountants handle all business tax, income tax, bookkeeping, payroll and accounting needs.

Since 1984, Reliance Consulting, LLC has established itself as a premier accounting firm in the Tampa, FL area. Our CPA firm has grown tremendously over the years because every CPA and accountant at Reliance Consulting is fully dedicated to providing our clients with the personal attention and excellent results they deserve.

Now serving more than 800 businesses and 1,000 individuals in the Tampa, Florida area, Reliance Consulting offers CPA, bookkeeping, tax preparation, payroll, and many other financial solutions. We go above and beyond to deliver exceptional value, and we take great pride in our client’s success.

In addition to traditional accountant services such as tax preparation and processing payroll, we believe a CPA must have meaningful insight into each client’s unique needs. These insights allow the CPA to offer solutions to complex, day-to-day financial problems that arise. From Tampa to Clearwater, St. Petersburg to Lakeland, Brandon to Pasco, and beyond, Reliance Consulting is focused on maximizing revenue and reducing costs for individuals and businesses year-round.

Tampa CPA – Certified Public Accountants offering dental CPA service, tax planning, business planning and estate planning tailored to your goals.

In our view, your Tampa CPA firm should do more than crunch numbers—your certified public accountant should explain what’s behind the numbers so you can make informed decisions. Not only will Reliance Consulting help you make sense of the numbers, but we’ll also keep you up-to-date with tax planning possibilities and other financial incentives to help you achieve and exceed your goals. Will enable. Reliance is also increasingly focused on helping dentists in the Tampa Bay area and beyond by handling tax planning and preparation, creating business strategies, and performing many other dental CPA tasks. .

Whether you’re a Tampa resident, a hotel owner on Clearwater Beach, or a doctor in Hernando County, Reliance Consulting welcomes you to contact our CPAs and accountants for a free financial checkup. We’ll show you how our superior approach can make a meaningful difference in your financial health. Our customers’ success is our own!

Reliant Parking Reviews

Reliant parking is fantastic.

Reliant Parking has been an incredible tool to take control of our parking lot. This has saved staff time and improved the resident experience. The rollout process was easy and improvements were seen almost immediately.

Customer service is amazing and always there for us with any questions.


Very easy to use! We love how they monitor parking and make sure people stay current with their parking permits. We also love the staff and how quick they are to respond to our needs!!


The only improvement I can think of is perhaps a way to set a reminder for residents when their permit is coming up for renewal. Also, it would be nice to maybe include a link where they can go to renew their permit. It’s easy to forget about your parking permit, and it’s no good if your first reminder looks like a ticket (even though it’s not).

Strict parking enforcement

They have a good system and follow procedures well.


Easy-to-use, and easy-to-manage homeowner accounts, with timely reports.


When you are searching for an address, there is no feature to manually enter it and search the address, we need to scroll through it and find the desired address.

Easy and reliable.


Easy to use and reliable to rely on in almost all aspects.


Nothing to describe and write here. It is not his fault.

I highly recommend reliant parking

My overall experience with Reliant Parking has been excellent and I would recommend it to any company.


The ease of use of this program is what I love about Reliant for both the administrator as well as its users.


Reliant Parking Software is perfect for my business. There is nothing I dislike about the software.

Reliant Parking is an efficient tool for busy property managers!


Reliant Parking is an excellent software program that determines which vehicles are allowed in your lots.

It is very easy to use forever. Residents can update their vehicle information. This is one of the main reasons we love this program.


That I have to increase the resident permit.

Great for vehicle registration

Not many problems. A very good program to use.


Easy to use and setup. Homeowners were able to come in and register.


It does what we need. There aren’t too many issues so nothing to dislike.

Simple parking management system!

I think it’s easy to use, easy to edit vehicle information, and the chat support feature is awesome!


We love putting control of parking permits in the hands of residents. It is helpful to order permits in the evening hours after the office closes, as residents can order permits from the app on their phones.


I can’t really think of any negatives about the software at this point. I think it is very user friendly.

Every property must use Reliant Parking.


That residents don’t have to go through the office to update their vehicle information and get a parking permit can be managed through Reliant Parking.


Everything we need as a function is there, so no.


This software is very easy to use for admins and home owners as well.


I like Reliant’s daily parking reports and separate towing reports (if there are any).


I have nothing negative to say about honesty.

Easy to use – very helpful

Reliant Parking has been a valuable addition to our community and how we manage parking. Our partnership has just begun but I am sure it will be a successful collaboration.


The software is very easy to use and the YouTube tutorials are extremely helpful. The support team made the onboarding process pretty easy and I couldn’t be more grateful.


Like anything it takes time to learn but they make it so easy.

Great service that simplifies parking enforcement for property managers and residents.

Reliant Consulting Reviews
All About Reliant Consulting 8

We recently had a concern last week when a resident got pulled over for a mix-up in assigning a tandem space and although the resident reported it through the app, they were advised that it could not be made. And then the resident went through the SDPD and still got it. . Laya [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] was able to correct that part for us and then he and [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] went even further and helped our team correct the error with the tow yard. This not only created a positive resident experience but also made it easier for my team to handle all of this. The entire team at Reliant Parking has been easily accessible for assistance at any time and always delivers positive results. You have truly made dealing with parking enforcement a more pleasant experience and I cannot say thank you enough for putting so much effort into developing a great program and an excellent customer service team. Thank you to you and your team it’s really appreciated.


Accuracy and simplicity for property managers as well as residents.


There’s no harm in that as their team is ready to take feedback and help make adjustments to suit your property.

Great customer service and friendly employees

I’m able to walk my property and get car/permit info simply by having the app on my phone. I am able to dispatch and communicate with other staff in a timely manner. They give excellent customer service and ensure that the customer is well taken care of. I would definitely recommend them to family, friends, and co-workers!


I recently started using the app for managers. I downloaded it to my cell phone and had no problems with it. It is easy to use when searching for permissions or trying to use other features on it. Frankie is informative and I am able to reach him when a problem comes up.


The only thing I would suggest is to add a feature on the app to search for residents by name. You can only search by permit or license plate number.

RP makes parking management a breeze!

Reviewed on 2019/04/10

My Apartment Community has been a Reliant Parking client since 2014. We found major problems in parking management including a poor permit system, limited technology to track vehicle data, unauthorized vehicles leading to a lack of visitor parking space, etc. Reliant Park fixed them all. And gave us back the time to serve our community without the hassle of managing to park. They do it all. This is a win-win for any size apartment community. We have since expanded to multiple communities across the country!


Ability to track vehicle data in one place as well as night time enforcement service.


There really isn’t anything we don’t like about RP.

Excellent / user friendly

Reviewed on 04/02/2019

Great experience, always customer service friendly, and quick response for towing.


Most of the software is user friendly. It requires a button without any confusion. The tutorials are great too. All new updates and tutorials help in many ways.


I would like to contact the software directly. Maybe live chat during business hours is a cherry on top. I’m just pushing it toward excellence 😉

Convenience/great customer service

Accessing the 24/7 system is really easy. Always great customer service, rep always has an answer to my questions. They always get back to you the same day. Reliant Parking has reduced parking issues and increased satisfaction for our customers.



This friendly software is simple, easy to use, and very convenient for everyone.


Dislike! Nothing to dislike about this program if it makes my job easier and makes the old school parking permits disappear.

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